Conference in the framework of the "Trans-European school on high energy physics"

On July 1, 2016 the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas held a plenary meeting of the conference in the framework of the 10th Trans-European school of high-energy physics" (TESHEP), which is run this year in the Ivano-Frankivsk region from 7 to 14 July and brought together the organizers, former and current professors and students as well as a new generation of TESHEP students. It should be noted that the main aim of the school is to attract students from Eastern and Central Europe to school of high energy physics, to strengthen ties between universities, promoting the new partnership and cooperation between laboratories and research groups. In addition, the school provides a research and teaching platform in the TESHEP disciplines for new student communities.

The conference was attended by leading scholars in the field of basic sciences namely: academician N. F. Shulha, academician-secretary of the Department of nuclear physics of NAS of Ukraine, General Director of Kharkiv Institute of physics and technology (KIPT), Professor V. M. Puhach, Head of the Department of high energy physics of the Institute for nuclear research (INR), academician B. V. Grynov, Director of the Institute for scintillation materials of NAS of Ukraine, head of the state Fund for fundamental researches of Ukraine (DFFB), Professor M. P. Tytov, the representative of Ukraine in CERN (IRFU/CEA, Saclay).

The plenary session of the conference, devoted to the 60 anniversary of the discovery of parity-violation and the 40th anniversary of the opening of the heavy quarks, was opened by the Rector of IFNTUOG, academician of NAS of Ukraine, Yevstakhii Kryzhanivskyi. In his welcoming speech, he noted the active participation of young people, who deal with the study of this pressing problem, which is an important component in the knowledge of the fundamental laws of matter and determines the level of development of the country. Academician noted that IFNTUOG works in the plane of fundamental and applied science to ensure energy security of Ukraine, looking for new sources of energy, routes of transportation. Without physicists, their colleagues who are engaged with high energy, these tasks cannot be solved.

Words of welcome were also said by a leading Ukrainian scholar, material scientist, Director of the State Fund for fundamental researches of Ukraine, academician of NAS of Ukraine Borys Hrynov, thanks to the scientific developments of whom Ukraine launched a new direction in engineering — production of nuclear medical equipment and developed new organic and inorganic scintillators and technological processes of their production, which are used in the fight against international terrorism.

In an interview with regional television channel “Halychyna” academician Hrynov noted the high scientific level of foreign scholars, and conference participants, and scientists from France noted considerable educational and scientific potential in the field of high-energy physics demonstrated by students of Ukraine. Through these conferences, scientists and students have the opportunity to participate in a major European research, so scientists look at the prospect of their cooperation.