The forge of officers

The cult of the Mother of God as the Intercessor and Patron got firmly established among the Ukrainians: Ukrainian princes, kings, Cossacks, and hetmans chose the Mother of God as their Patron and Guardian. October 14, the day of intercession of Holy Virgin, is also celebrated in Ukraine as the day of Ukrainian Cossacks. Cossacks believed in the power of the Holy Virgin and celebrated intercession of the Holy Virgin so sincerely and solemnly that in Ukraine for centuries this holiday has received a second name - Cossacks intercession. From recent times October 14 in Ukraine one of the most respected holidays - intercession of Holy Virgin is also marked as the day of Ukrainian Cossacks.

Seeking to commemorate the courage and heroism of defenders of Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity, military traditions and victories of the people of Ukraine, to promote the patriotic spirit in society and to support public initiative, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has resolved to establish a Ukrainian holiday, the Day of Ukraine's Defenders, which will be observed annually on October 14.

The University administration congratulates all personnel of the Military Training Department, its current students and alumni officers, reserve officers, members of anti-terrorist operation, university staff, and all those who in this difficult time defend our Motherland with arms in their hands or in the rear on this holiday of courage and bravery.

Military Training Department of IFNTUOG is a military training division of the university which has years of experience and traditions in training highly-skilled professionals of Fuel Supply Service. Throughout its existence since 1963 the department has trained hundreds of fuel supply service officers, who currently serve in all military branches. Main tasks of the department are: 
Training of military experts of Fuel Supply Service for serving in Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military structures agencies established in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and central bodies of executive branch of Ukraine;

  • Reserve officers training;

Scientific activity, which aims at improving quality of military training, development and improvement of military hardware and weapons.

Today the Department of Military Training offers a high-quality education to future officers. We can be confident that the sky over Ukraine will always be clear, as we entrust them protection of the most valuable thing we have - our Homeland!