International Fuel Congress 2015

The International Fuel Congress was held in IFNTUOG on December 10-12, 2015. International Fuel Congress is an international oil and gas congress which aims at exchanging knowledge and experience between students, the industry experts and scientists by presenting their research results in the form of presentations and posters. The event promotes the formation of new ideas and suggests alternative solutions to some technical problems. This year congress was sponsored by Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine and the LLC "Geosynthesis Engineering". 

More than 50 students, including those from Poland, Romania, and Russia, took part in the congress. The following events took place within the framework of the congress: 1. The presentation of student research works 2. The presentation of the representatives of top foreign as well as Ukrainian oil and gas companies 3. The reports of SPE Student Chapters and experience exchange among them 4. Team work 5. The seminar session of companies’ representatives 6. The Job Fair.