Cooperation between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Norway gets new impetus for development

First scientific and practical symposium "Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation: Achievements and Prospects in Education and Research" was held in the Ternopil National Economic University on September 15-17, 2015.  

Among the representatives of the IFNTUOG there were: Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, social and economic developmentOleh Dzoba, Director of the Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management Liliana Horal, Head of the Department of Finance Iryna Fadieieva, and doctoral student Sviatoslav Kis.            

Project "Ukraine-Norway" the implementation of which started in 2014 aims at retraining of military personnel, retired members, and their families as well as social adaptation of this layer of population and their integration into the regional economy. This training contributes to the problem of unemployment solving, reduces social tension in the region, helps to start business. 

During the symposium, the participants shared their achievements and best practices, successes and victories, which they gained within the project "Ukraine-Norway". Scientists discussed plans and prospects for further cooperation.

Matriculation ceremony 2015-2016

Matriculation ceremony in the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

On the 1st of September, in spite of hot weather, the theatrized matriculation ceremony took place on the stadium of the Ivano Frankivsk national technical university of oil and gas and gathered a lot of students, their parents, professors, teachers, honoured guests and graduates of different years.

Western Ukraine is the center of the European petroleum industry. The industrial production of oil and gas in this region began in the 19thcentury. That’s why the university founded in 1967 (national - since 2001) in Ivano-Frankivsk, aims at training specialists in oil and gas industry. Near 500 000 graduates implement all significant projects in oil and gas industry, i.e. creation of the largest gas-transport system in the world, designing and building of long-distance pipelines, working in oil fields in Ukraine, western Siberia and other regions in different countries.

Today, our graduates solve one of the most important and urgent problems – provision of energy security of the country. Energy security in this country is our goal. A way to achieve it is to get the qualitative education provided by the university, which is the pledge of success of both, the whole country struggling for independence and personal and professional development of our graduates.

Kyiv training workshop "Science Communication"

The training workshop of project “Building effective energy communication capacity amongst the academic community in Ukraine, project “Academia”  took place on 21-22 July 2015 in Kyiv.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas was represented by the Head of International Relations Department, Associate Professor Artur Voronych.

The workshop programme was based on leading UK experience and practice of public engagement in science taking into consideration science communication landscape in Ukraine. The interactive workshop was also built upon the participants’ needs and requests expressed during their study visit to the UK.

Workshop was held by Sue Wolstenholme - CIPR chartered PR Practitioner. Training course agenda:

INNOVER-EAST validation workshop in Armenia

The validation workshop of the Armenian study on the state of innovation in energy efficiency was held on June 10, 2015 in the Round Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NAS RA). The study was implemented by the Science Development Foundation, Armenian partner of the INNOVER-EAST project.

The workshop was aimed at presenting the results of the national study on drivers, barriers and bottlenecks on increasing energy efficiency in the innovation ecosystem to Armenian STI and RES/EE experts and improve/validate the report based on contributions of the experts.

UK Study Visit 29 June – 2 July 2015

A  Study Visit to UK “Building effective energy communication capacity amongst the academic community in Ukraine, project “Academia” took place on 29 June – 2 July 2015.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas was presented by the Head of International Relations Department, Associate Professor Artur Voronych.

Objectives of the study visit:

  • Science communication from a UK government perspective
  • Science communication: recent research in the UK on the current situation for communicating with the media, the science community and the public. Universities were the main focus but there was also a lot of work done in the private sector and with the Research Councils.
  • Geoscience with a focus on shale gаs
  • Public engagement with energy issues and the social impacts

During the visit there were held the following meetings:


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