Forum of Academic and Industrial Communities of Oil and Gas Power Engineering in Ukraine Increasing Ukrainian production of oil and gas: science, technologies, standardization and transparency

On October 17, 2016 the Forum of Academic and Industrial Communities of Oil and Gas Power Engineering in Ukraine Increasing Ukrainian production of oil and gas: science, technologies, standardization and transparency was held in Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

Academician of NAS of Ukraine, rector of IFNTUOG Ye. Kryzhanivskyi, prof. O. Karpash, prof. S. Kurovets, prof. I. Chudyk, prof. O. Kondrat, prof. M. Serediuk and prof. P.Raiter presented their relevant and challenging reports at the Forum. The representatives of oil companies also participated in the Forum.

IFNTUOG students' visit to University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti (Romania)

From October 30 till November 11, 2016 the delegation of students of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the University consisting of Roman Dmytriv, Iryna Vovk, Arsen Ivanchuk and Volodymyr Dvornyk (group NO-13-1) under the direction of teaching assistant of the Department of oil and gas equipment Yu. Mosora, on the basis of the international agreement on cooperation between higher education institutions visited University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti (Romania) for the introductory practical training. 

 Our small delegation was warmly welcomed at the Faculty of mechanical and electrical engineering and personally by the Dean of the faculty, Professor Ion Popa. The hosts offered eventful educational and cultural programs. During the practice the students got acquainted with the equipped at a high technical level educational-laboratory base of the University, library, specialized laboratories, where various experiments are conducted. They also studied the structure, principles of operation of modern equipment for oil and gas production, monitoring of machinery parameters, equipment, including modern electron microscope, which provides magnification to 300,000.

International exhibition ”NAFTOHASEXPO-2016”

On November 8-10, 2016 the international exhibition “NAFTOHAZEXPO-2016” was held at “International exhibition center” in Kyiv. Our University was represented by a delegation consisting of O. Mandryk (Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work), O. Vytiaz (Director of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering), H. Omelchenko (Director of Institute of Geology and Geophysics), S. Chekhovskyi (Head of the Department of information and measuring equipment), O. Serediuk (Director of  Energy Institute). In the framework of this event, there were a number of round tables, specialized exhibitions, where members of our delegation made their presentations. Special exhibitions were united by a common goal – the establishment of a highly efficient national economic system, including promoting the implementation of innovative solutions at enterprises of the manufacturing sector. In particular:

The exhibition "Power engineering for industry", which was conducted with support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and under the auspices of the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine in the framework of International forum "Fuel and energy complex of Ukraine: present and future".

XVI international water forum “AQUA UKRAINE-2016” (water treatment, water supply, sanitation, wastewater treatment, pumping equipment, pipes and pipeline fittings, filters, control and metering devices);

IX international specialized exhibition "Energy Efficiency. Renewable energy 2016" (energy saving technologies, equipment, materials for industry, housing, agriculture, energy efficiency projects for the modernization of enterprises, equipment to replace natural gas, alternative fuels, renewable energy sources);

XV international specialized exhibition "Energy in industry-2016" (electrotechnical and energy equipment, power electronics, cabling and wiring products, automation, instrumentation);


The perspectives offered by European diploma

 For several years now the best students of IFNTUOG have been studying at the AGH University of Science and Technology (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica – AGH) (Krakow, Poland). After the academic year at Polish university Ukrainian students take master's examination and defend master's thesis written in Polish or English. This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of obtaining the European diploma, although it requires from students a lot of efforts, concentration and time. However, the prospects that it opens, are worth their time, money and effort.

Natalia Hurska, master's student of the Institute of Environmental Engineering tells about the prospects offered to the Ukrainian graduates who get Polish master's degree.


On 17-19 October 2016 IFNTUOG hosted Trainings on the topic of Horizon 2020 and Innovations. The organizer of these trainings is the NCP  "Secure, Clean and Efficient energy" and the partner - the project InnoverEAST.

Location – Science City "New Energy".

About 100 representatives from different scientific institutions and HEIs participated in the trainings.

The trainings were divided into 3 modules, 3 hours each, including:

  • Horizon 2020: experience and opportunities for Ukrainian scientists and businesses (October 17)
  • Innovative services of universities (October 18)
  • Financing of innovations: options and opportunities (October 19)


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