Conference in the framework of the "Trans-European school on high energy physics"

On July 1, 2016 the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas held a plenary meeting of the conference in the framework of the 10th Trans-European school of high-energy physics" (TESHEP), which is run this year in the Ivano-Frankivsk region from 7 to 14 July and brought together the organizers, former and current professors and students as well as a new generation of TESHEP students. It should be noted that the main aim of the school is to attract students from Eastern and Central Europe to school of high energy physics, to strengthen ties between universities, promoting the new partnership and cooperation between laboratories and research groups. In addition, the school provides a research and teaching platform in the TESHEP disciplines for new student communities.

The conference was attended by leading scholars in the field of basic sciences namely: academician N. F. Shulha, academician-secretary of the Department of nuclear physics of NAS of Ukraine, General Director of Kharkiv Institute of physics and technology (KIPT), Professor V. M. Puhach, Head of the Department of high energy physics of the Institute for nuclear research (INR), academician B. V. Grynov, Director of the Institute for scintillation materials of NAS of Ukraine, head of the state Fund for fundamental researches of Ukraine (DFFB), Professor M. P. Tytov, the representative of Ukraine in CERN (IRFU/CEA, Saclay).

Awarding diplomas to international students

On July 6, 2016 the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas held diploma awarding ceremony for international graduates of the university.

This year more than 150 graduates from different countries received their diplomas and got their lucky tickets to the future, becoming a certified bachelors in the field of petroleum engineering, oil and gas geology and geophysics, economics, philology, and information technologies. Several students were singled out by the university officials for their exceptional skills and their participation in university activities. Some students were also awarded certificates for special achievements in the study of the Ukrainian language.

During the period of studies the university professors assisted students in both their studies and their life in Ukraine and also helped to become valued professionals, who would be in demand not only in their countries, but all over the world. They all became friends with their Ukrainian groupmates, and refer to Ukraine as their 'second homeland'. Students themselves created the unforgettable atmosphere at the ceremony. On their part, the graduates thanked all the professors for the skills they acquired as well as for their kindness and friendly attitude. Some of students spoke in the language which is now like a mother tongue to them – Ukrainian. The audience warmly responded to their speeches.

The German Professor and economist acquainted the teachers and students of the IFNTUOG with the experience of Germany in the field of energy and economy

On June 23, 2016 a lecture on "The German Experience in the field of energy and economу. Transformation processes of renewable energy use" was held by Doctor of Economics, Professor of Technical University of Dresden Georg Milbradt (former Minister-President of Saxony) in the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.
It was Georg Milbradt’s first official visit to the Carpathian region in the framework of the project "Consultancy Fund, the implementation of the reform" of the German society for international cooperation (GIZ Ukraine). He was accompanied by an expert on economic development Tetiana Ventsel. The day before a high German official, who has extensive experience in management work (arbitrator from the tariff negotiations in the public service of the Federation and the Union of employers ' associations (2010).; The Chairman Of The Fund "Forum Of Federation, Canada. 2013), spoke with the Ivano-Frankivsk public representatives in the building of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration, focusing on the issues of decentralization, local governments, improving public financial management for sustainable economic development.

The IFNTUOG student became the winner of prestigious competition

In 2015, student of the specialty "Management", of the Institute of economics and management in oil and gas complex of IFNTUOG Volodymyr Radevych won the international creative competition " 2015 USFUCA Worldwide Youth Contest - "The Year of Light" held under the auspices of UNESCO and the World Genesis Foundation. Participation in the competition was attended by young people of different ages from 78 countries around the world. Volodymyr has won in the junior age category (15-19 years).

The IFNTUOG student was handed a victory for the essay entitled "The Light of the heart - the light of the progress":



Cooperation with Norway for the independence of the state

 On May 27, 2016 a seminar-meeting of representatives of oil and gas production and scientific community of Ukraine with a delegation of oil and gas experts from Norway with the aim of establishing cooperation between the enterprises of the oil and gas sector and the scientific community of the Kingdom of Norway and Ukraine was held at the premises of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas. The co-organizers of the meeting are the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas and the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Ukraine. Part of the Norwegian delegation included top managers of the leading oil and gas companies. Visit of the Norwegian delegation began with a tour of the oil wells of Ukrnafta and visit to the Museum of oil fields of Galicia.


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