The project "Ukraine–Norway": the course of energy management for the military officers

On February 20, 2017 training of a second group of students on a specialty "Energy management"in the framework of the project "Ukraine – Norway" in the program "Professional retraining of retired military personnel of the armed forces and other security agencies, their family members and employment assistance" began in the Science city "New energy" of the Ivano-Frankivsk national technical University of oil and gas. This project, funded by the Kingdom of Norway, has been taking place in IFNTUOG for several years in different specialties with the assistance of the International Foundation for social adaptation (IFSA) and with the advanced research and educational capabilities of the University. It is no coincidence that the current students of the specialty "Energy management" have begun their study in University science city "New energy", the purpose of which is to develop energy-efficient society and to overcome problems related to energy efficiency and energy saving.

Students of IFNTUOG are encouraged to launch start-ups that can change Ukraine

On February 20, 2017 a meeting of the Environmental Engineering Institute students with the representatives of 1991 Open data Incubator, which operates with the support of USAID (United States Agency for international development) was held in the Ivano-Frankivsk national technical university of oil and gas. This is the first in Ukraine non-profit incubator that helps transform open government data into real startups that provide services to Ukrainian citizens, enterprises and public authorities. The team of the incubator 1991 Open Data Incubator Ivano-Frankivsk Yevheniia Klepa (Director of the program in Ivano-Frankivsk), program coordinator Vitalii Rodymiuk (CEO IT company [bvblogic]) and Liudmyla Shyiko presented the activities and successful projects of 1991, and announced the recruitment for the second incubation program in Ivano-Frankivsk for projects that solve problems of the United territorial communities. In particular, On March 4, 2017 the hackathon of the presented projects will take place, the finalists of which will become residents in 1991 Ivano-Frankivsk and will undergo free incubation program.

New horizons of international cooperation with Poland

On January 24, 2017 the delegation of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG), composed of: the rector, academician of NAS of Ukraine Ye. Kryzhanivskyi and Director of the Institute of Humanities and Public Administration, Professor D. Dzvinchuk, visited the Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa (Poland) with the aim of deepening the cooperation between universities through bilateral Agreement of 31.10.2016. The agreement provides for cooperation in the field of exchange of students and ensures opportunities for students of both institutions for international exchanges and / or parallel study in higher education establishments as well as obtaining a dual diploma in certain directions. Among other directions of cooperation highlighted in the agreement are joint research in the framework of scientific programs and grants, organization of joint conferences and scientific workshops, publication of joint articles and scientific monographs, and the like.

Forum of Academic and Industrial Communities of Oil and Gas Power Engineering in Ukraine Increasing Ukrainian production of oil and gas: science, technologies, standardization and transparency

On October 17, 2016 the Forum of Academic and Industrial Communities of Oil and Gas Power Engineering in Ukraine Increasing Ukrainian production of oil and gas: science, technologies, standardization and transparency was held in Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

Academician of NAS of Ukraine, rector of IFNTUOG Ye. Kryzhanivskyi, prof. O. Karpash, prof. S. Kurovets, prof. I. Chudyk, prof. O. Kondrat, prof. M. Serediuk and prof. P.Raiter presented their relevant and challenging reports at the Forum. The representatives of oil companies also participated in the Forum.

IFNTUOG students' visit to University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti (Romania)

From October 30 till November 11, 2016 the delegation of students of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the University consisting of Roman Dmytriv, Iryna Vovk, Arsen Ivanchuk and Volodymyr Dvornyk (group NO-13-1) under the direction of teaching assistant of the Department of oil and gas equipment Yu. Mosora, on the basis of the international agreement on cooperation between higher education institutions visited University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti (Romania) for the introductory practical training. 

 Our small delegation was warmly welcomed at the Faculty of mechanical and electrical engineering and personally by the Dean of the faculty, Professor Ion Popa. The hosts offered eventful educational and cultural programs. During the practice the students got acquainted with the equipped at a high technical level educational-laboratory base of the University, library, specialized laboratories, where various experiments are conducted. They also studied the structure, principles of operation of modern equipment for oil and gas production, monitoring of machinery parameters, equipment, including modern electron microscope, which provides magnification to 300,000.


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