The perspectives offered by European diploma

 For several years now the best students of IFNTUOG have been studying at the AGH University of Science and Technology (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica – AGH) (Krakow, Poland). After the academic year at Polish university Ukrainian students take master's examination and defend master's thesis written in Polish or English. This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of obtaining the European diploma, although it requires from students a lot of efforts, concentration and time. However, the prospects that it opens, are worth their time, money and effort.

Natalia Hurska, master's student of the Institute of Environmental Engineering tells about the prospects offered to the Ukrainian graduates who get Polish master's degree. She was one of the first students who obtained the Master’s degree of AGH this year and got high-paying job. Natalia considers that the European standard diploma is the chance for a good job and decent salary in the future. In addition, study abroad positively influences the career, outlook, and self-confidence. And this unique opportunity should be used to the full. Many employers agree that a European degree allocates potential candidates among the other contenders: study abroad is proof of the ability of an employee to adapt to a new environment, his willingness to get out of his comfort zone in order to expand his horizons, and the worker himself is the bearer of new ideas, philosophies and cultures.

During their studies at the Krakiw mining and metallurgical academy Ukrainian students enjoy all the opportunities that the University offers to its Polish students: they can participate in various internships, practices, conferences, international student organizations. Commitment and desire of the student is the key to success.

Every year more and more Ukrainian students upon graduation successfully remain in the EU, this means that owing to training at the Krakiw Academy,  Europe opens its borders for graduates from Ukraine. The most important thing is to have patience, improve your skills and use your chance for a European education.