The project "Ukraine–Norway": the course of energy management for the military officers

On February 20, 2017 training of a second group of students on a specialty "Energy management"in the framework of the project "Ukraine – Norway" in the program "Professional retraining of retired military personnel of the armed forces and other security agencies, their family members and employment assistance" began in the Science city "New energy" of the Ivano-Frankivsk national technical University of oil and gas. This project, funded by the Kingdom of Norway, has been taking place in IFNTUOG for several years in different specialties with the assistance of the International Foundation for social adaptation (IFSA) and with the advanced research and educational capabilities of the University. It is no coincidence that the current students of the specialty "Energy management" have begun their study in University science city "New energy", the purpose of which is to develop energy-efficient society and to overcome problems related to energy efficiency and energy saving.

The President of the International Foundation for social adaptation Volodymyr Rubtsov addressed the opening ceremony meeting. He told the participants how the program works in different regions of Ukraine, its role inrelieving the social tension among the officers and among the soldiers who returned from the ATO, theirsand their family members’adaptation to the civil life. An important advantage of this program is that courses are free. He emphasized the powerful intellectual potential of IFNTUOG, which helps the students not only to adapt to civilian life, but become successful.

Maksym Karpash told the audience about the possibilities of the science city and emphasized that the lion’s share of subjects in a 500-hour program "Energy management" is related to energy policy, energy markets and methods of information processing, energy conservation and efficiency.


The ceremony concluded with the screening of a film about Norway, a tour of science city "New energy", the departments, and classrooms.