Economics and Management

Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management was established in the year of 2012 following the decision of University Administration (Rectorate) and Academic Council (Board). It incorporated the Department of Economics and Business and the Department of Industrial and Regional Economic Development Management.

Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the Institute of Mechanical Engineering!

   Institute of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2012 by uniting the School of Mechanics, and the School of Mechanical Engineering Technology.  With an outstanding reputation for teaching, research and the quality of our graduates, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering is proud of its long-standing tradition of quality student education.

Geosciences and Tourism
Field of education: “Environmental Engineering”
Field of education: “Environmental Protection Technologies”
              Major: Environmental Control and Auditing
Field of education: “Geodesy and Land Management”


  • Geodesy
  • Land Management and Cadastre
  • Land Appraisal and Real Estate Assessment
  • Geoinformation Systems and Technologies