Petroleum Engineering

The Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) – determines the university profile and provides training of specialists for the oil and gas industry.

The Institute trains specialists in "Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology" (specialization "Oil and Gas Production" and "Oil and Gas Pipelines and Oil and Gas Storage Facilities") and "Mining" (specialization "Oil and Gas Well Drilling"), which covers almost the full complex of scientific and engineering tasks for petroleum and other industries in drilling, oil and gas production, oil and gas transportation and storage facilities, oil products etc. The IPE delivers the educational services in "Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology" specialization "Oil and Gas Production" in English medium for international students.

The educational process at the departments of the Institute is provided by 14 doctors of science, professors, 47 associate professors, candidates of technical sciences, 29 assistants.

The overwhelming majority of international students from 38 countries, Angola, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Ecuador, Iraq, Egypt, Cameroon, China, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, etc., study at the Institute. Annually students take part in all-Ukrainian and international conferences and forums.

Since June 2010, the IPE provides for the SPE Student Chapter (Society of Petroleum Engineers). The SPE members actively participate in international oil and gas congresses, conferences and programs.

The Institute pays much attention to improving the quality of specialists practical training. The laboratories are modernized, equipped with modern instruments and equipment. Close cooperation with petroleum enterprises is resulted in new drilling fluid laboratories that are equipped with modern appliances. It has also been established a training drilling center.

The students of the Institute have an access to in-service occupational specialties - "Assistant Driller" and "Oil and Gas Production Operator".


Graduates of the Institute of Oil and Gas Engineering can work in such positions:

specialization "Oil and gas production"

reservoir engineer, production engineer, workover engineer, well test engineer;

specialization "Gas and oil pipelines and gas and oil storage"

drilling engineer, completions engineer, well abandonment engineer, engineer in directional and deep drilling;

specialization "Drilling of oil and gas wells"

gas field operating engineer, oil pipeline operating engineer, gas pipeline operating engineer, gas-treating unit operating engineer.


The Institute of Petroleum Engineering is a forthcoming prospective work in the acquired specialty for the oil and gas industry, which ensures rapid career growth and a high level of well-being.